• Photo Contest 2021 4-H Youth Entry

Enter a photo in the 4-H division of the 2021 Ranch & Rural Living Photo Contest.  One free entry per 4-H Youth Member.  

1.  Upload a photo

2. Enter photographer's information and parent's OK for the entry.

3. Enter the 4-H Leader's information--Please provide  the Name and Email address if you know it

4. Click 'Add to Cart'

5. Complete the transaction and entry.  You must go to "check out" even though this entry is free to finalize the entry.

DEADLINE for submissions: July 1,  2021

IF you'd rather enter by mail, 4-H Youth Member rules and entry blanks for mail-in are here.

NOTE:  No purchase is necessary to enter as a 4-H youth, but paid-for items may be added to the cart before check-out if desired.  Also, youths are free to enter additional photos under our regular rules and $8 per photo entry fee.

If you have difficulty uploading your photo or completing the order or it doesn't go as you wish, you may call us at (325) 655-4434, M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and let us know, then either mail or email your photo entries. In that case email us individual photo entries to info@ranchmagazine.com.  To enter my mail click here for rules and entry blank.

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Photo Contest 2021 4-H Youth Entry

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